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It has been a while! I have been so busy, but I am glad to be back!!! I think I may have gotten rid of the spammers finally. Sometimes simple means are the best and I am sorry for any legitimate people wanting to read my site from certain IP address ranges, but I highly doubt that when there are 10's of thousands of page views from a small IP range that the IP range is valid to be viewing my site (And it is repeated over time... so not even a search engine!)

Already I have noticed a speed increase so I look forward to seeing how my site does now!

Again... WELCOME BACK! We are here to stay!

TBone Handle

Link to TBone's Website


Link to Bartok Innovation


Made in the USA

Black color is over 90% recycled material

Advantages of its use-

The "T-Bone" is an innovative travel product that has been designed to improve the comfort of the traveler when they are pulling wheeled or rolling luggage. The easy to use and compact product extends the length of the handle of the rolling bag and allows the user to stand more erect, allowing a more proper posture with the result being fewer backaches. The molded plastic product is sized to fit almost all luggage with extendable handles, yet is small enough to be easily stored in the luggage. A supplied strap and buckle allows the product to be clipped on the outer area of the luggage, if the user so desires. The improved posture, easy storage after use, and comfort in the hand should provide considerable market interest in the product.

The simple yet elegantly designed travel accessory extends the luggage handle so taller user’s posture is more erect, which greatly reduces back fatigue and improves the health of the traveler. The handle is shaped with finger grips but can be manufactured with a different configuration for those travelers with arthritis, carpel tunnel, or other health related issues.

The "T-Bone’s" ergonomic shape also provides additional comfort during use by providing the proper ‘pull’ angle for the taller user. The product can be logoized with a business or school logo, the handle can be shaped to resemble a sports ball or figure, or it can be shaped and marked with a known cartoon figure or other well-known image.

The "T-Bone" does not require the use of snaps, straps, or hooks to make it work. Simply placing it in the handle and pulling upward engages it. Pushing downward releases it. After use, the compact product can easily be stored away in the bag for later use. If the hands need to be used for getting tickets, paying at a concession counter, etc., the toggle can be deployed so the product does not slip down the handle.

The "T-Bone" is injection molded from injected nylon. This plastic is very durable and is typically used in this type of environment. The plastic can be supplied in almost any color, so a distinctive color may be chosen to enhance the product recognition factor, which can dramatically improve the market adoption of the product. The curved shape at the lower end of the device can accommodate handle center-to-center spacing of 4" to 10".

The product is designed to be aesthetic and effective in the application. The ease of use and the inexpensive components provide good marketability for the manufacturer. The traveler benefits from improved posture, easy storage after use, and comfort during use, which should provide rapid market adoption of the product.

Promotional Travel

Give your brand the potential to travel across the globe with a promotional TBone!

From business meetings and corporate conferences to summer vacations and family visits, there are so many different occasions and events that require travel. Whatever the scenario, no matter what the destination, you can help travelers be prepared for whatever adventures lie ahead with various travel items. The TBone Luggage Extension Handle is an item your clients and employees need when they venture beyond their normal boundaries. By providing clients and employees with these travel items customized with your company's name and logo, you can ensure they will be prepared, and your brand will be well promoted every time they use it.

A Promotional Travel Gift for Internal and External Use

Promotional travel items make great gifts or giveaways to current or potential customers, especially for those companies that relate to the travel industry. Airlines give out the TBone for promotion  at a trade show, hotels offer the TBone as a gift for important guests, or travel agencies  provide the TBone to returning clients.

Businesses use TBone promotional giveaways internally as well. Companies can give a customized, private label TBone to their employees that do a lot of traveling for the business as a gift of appreciation. The TBone would also make a perfect holiday gift as many use that time to visit family and go on vacations. In this sense, the customized TBone will bring you great brand visibility when they are used, and promote a positive perception. The TBone is sure to be appreciated by recipients.

Advantages of Private Label

Private label brands are those offered by retailers. There are various advantages for the retailers to go for private label brands. The advantages include

  1. Control over pricing of the product/service,

  2. Put forth own ideas on marketing plans,

  3. Create personalized image which in turn leads to higher customer loyalty,

  4. Higher control on production, marketing, distribution and profits,

  5. Give their own inputs, additional materials, logos, tag lines, etc.

  6. Customer's changing preference - drive towards private label products.

These points provide an edge over the other brands. Private label brands are available in a broad range of varieties from food to cosmetics. These brands help create a personalized and unique brand for retailers. Retailers with pretty good private label brands will be able to create better sales opportunities for themselves. They can build value and recognition from  the customers. Private brand products allow retailers to differentiate their products from competitors' products, and provide consumers with an alternative to other brands.

Pricing and availability subject to change without notice.  All logos shown in product photos are for demonstration only.  Your products will have your own custom imprint.

This post was contributed by Larry Moad. This Post is Un-Altered and is still in it's original state. As such, the views expressed here may or may not be the same views as Charles Siegfried. To submit your own articles, send them to

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Might be changing up my blog program

If you have visited in the last few days, you may have noticed that sometimes the site has been locked up... What has happened? Well, apparently I have gotten so much traffic this year that my program I am using is having trouble keeping up with the increased traffic and logging all the additional information (Like user visiting stats that help me better determine how to work the site)

I may just stay with this one but find a way to better optimize the database usage from my end, weather with a cron job or otherwise. I would like to be able to log all of the data long term, but do not want to diminish the ability of the server.

I thank everyone that has been using the site and hope to add more content here in the near future that you all will enjoy!

Welcome to Wednesday Morning Rants

Welcome to the Wednesday Morning Rant.

Brought to you by: Everyone that has ever posted a political picture to try to make an argument on a social media site, the Number 42, and the letter 'M'.

I think that FaceBook and other sites have increased exponentially over the last few days the number of people that just either like, or only know how to regurgitate pictures with a political message as their best arguments. If this keeps up, we are going to have to include Memes as valid works cited for large research papers, because obviously since the words are on a picture with something famous, or was caught at just the right time, it must be accurate.

Hang on just a sec, I think I hear sanity leaving the building. Let me go walk it out. I am sure I have a picture here of me still walking somewhere so that MUST mean I can still walk, right?

In all honesty though, I have more respect for the posts that people write that are controversial in nature and long winded. Even if they are opinions, or completely mis-information; They took the time to express what they believe to be correct, and I will always do my best to not give them a bad time… Me giving people a bad time is bottled up and reserved for those people that like to post… and repost… and repost… things like the Meme "You're a special kind of Stupid, aren't ya."

Friends will tell you, I love a good debate (DEBATE! Not Argument). Debates are full of good information, and are a great opportunity to share relevant information about a subject, without making personal attacks, claims on someones intelligence or political/religious beliefs, and are usually full of references. I cannot stress that last one enough. References are key.

Get over which ones are reliable. Fox, Snopes, Huffington Post, CBS, NBC, Oregonian, etc., etc., etc... They ALL have some biases. They ALL also have some correct information. I have yet to find a source that is 100% accurate 100% of the time. Hell, I love Wikipedia. Even though it is a 'community' style site for information, it is riddled with references to other sites so information can be checked and often those sites ALSO have references... Go Figure!

Now, you start telling me my reference is not relevant when it is a primary source of information, then the debate is over and done at that point. I am not going to waste my energy trying to validate the resources a majority of sane people fine relevant in some groups, just because others in other groups don't.

The only resource I will accept with a grain or five of salt is personal blogs. Just as I would expect this post to be taken with a grain of salt if it was more than an Opinion piece. A reference blog with resources or works sited -  sure. I will accept that. A personal blog about how the Marshmallow Man from the first Ghostbusters is actually real and roaming through the sewers of New York, but there are no references and the person is really being serious… well, I will let you figure that last one out.

IF you don't provide references then your argument is an Opinion. As an Opinion, (Like this entire post) everyone is entitled to their own... and I can respect that (And Expect others to do the same), as long as that Opinion isn't further pushed as truth.

Thank you for joining me on this Wednesday Morning Rant.


Hiding in Plain Sight. A Poem

I know many people, and many people know me. 
I am a friend to many, and enemy of few.
I try to live at peace with everyone.

Deep within me though, lives a beast.
A blood thirsty savage that calls out from the darkness.
Never satiated, never satisfied. It is always on the hunt.
This beast is always a wrong word away from rearing it's ugly head and is not afraid to bite your head off.

Why? There is no reason. 
Nothing this beast does seems to make any sense! 
It will prey on the weak, and devour upon the strong alike, without reservation, without remorse.

The beast inside doesn't care about the color of your skin,
it has no preference to your ethnicity. 
The beast holds no prejudices. 

If I let it, this beast would take over, possessing me, dominating me. It is always there, waiting for it's time, 
for the moment of opportunity, 
for me to let my guard down.

Do you see it though? 
You have this beast as well. 
When you argue with others it is so close to the surface. 
When you fight with one another, it can taste fresh air… getting stronger.

What is this beast? It is the misplaced actions that result from anger. 
Not Anger itself, but the actions that come from Anger. 
There are other creatures as well that also comes from Anger; 
Understanding, Compassion and Acceptance. 
Too often though the beast has such a strong hold that we cannot see beyond it's gluttonous form to the starving creatures behind it.

There is so much negativity in this world already, why do we so readily contribute to it?

No words to express the sadness that exists in the world

Just for one year, one month, one minute, one day, one second: Be at peace.

Be at peace with yourself, with your neighbor.

Be at peace with your siblings, or your friends; Even if they have wronged you.

Be at peace with your enemies, for is it really worth loosing yourself to this beast?

Is anything worth empowering this beast? Who or what is this beast? It is the enemy of all, but especially Love.

The beast is Hate, and it is hiding in plain sight.

-- Candice Siegfried, Dec 2012 -- For a brighter 2013 and Beyond.